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Biochemical/Enzyme inhibition assays are biological methods through which the bioactivity of test substances can be assessed in a short period of time. In the preclinical discovery market, the versatility of enzyme based assays, a lesser turnaround time and low costs influence most companies to choose enzyme based assays over others.

The department of enzyme/ADME preclinical research of Bio-OPT™ consists of a large number of biochemical assays that are used during high throughput screening of potential hit compounds. This unit has over 70 in-house standardized enzyme based assays that cover a wide area of therapeutic relevance.  Bio-OPT also functions by specializing and standardizing long-term studies in which organizations work on a mutual benefit. For further info on conducting research with our unit, contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Preliminary absorption and metabolism studies (ADME or DMPK studies)

The ability of an active constituent to show desired bioactivity is influenced by its bioavailability. At Bio-OPT, certain in vitro models like PAMPA, EGS/Using/Caco-2 are used to determine preliminary absorption whereas CYP and UGT inhibition studies are also carried on in determining metabolism processes.

Bioavailability tests are also carried out using in vivo (rat) models. 


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