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Preclinical Contract Research Unit

Bio-OPT™ (Preclinical Solutions) is a preclinical research driven unit of Natural Remedies Private Limited that specializes in delivering in - vitro (Safety studies, Efficacy studies – Biochemical and Cell based assays and ADME assays)  and in - vivo Pharmacology models/ Toxicology services, ADME study services and Efficacy reports on test compounds thereby empowering organizations with relevant preclinical data to support their respective biological/marketing needs. In delivering these solutions, we devise a user-friendly approach of analyzing and responding to customer related query by offering a highly customizable process thereby maximizing customer satisfaction.

Increasingly growing through client feedback, we also provide extensive research opportunities for both the International and domestic market. Bio-OPT™ provides excellent, reliable and quality filled reports with the highest degree of reproducibility in the end result.

The laboratory is GLP Certified.   

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